Jordan Peterson Daughter & Andrew Tate Bombshell Leaks

Jordan Peterson recently reacted to the controversial interview of Andrew Tate that was conducted by former Fox News host Tucker Carlson. The Canadian psychologist slammed the former professional kickboxer for what he has done and said. Meanwhile, many famous people have spoken out against Carlson as well for providing a medium for Andrew to defend himself.



Tate was charged with r**e, human trafficking, and creating a criminal organization just a few weeks ago. The verifiable falsehoods. He seemed to not care about the fact that evidence was present in the public domain against what he was claiming. However, his host did not care about it either.

When asked what he was charged with, Tate claimed, “recruiting girls to make TikTok videos to steal the money from TikTok views.”

Journalist Alessandra Bocchi tweeted about the interview and how Tate indulged in multiple lies over the course of it. She posted the video and wrote, “Andrew Tate is accused of sexually exploitating, emotionally manipulating, pimping, ra**ng, and beating women.

Much of which he admitted on the montage below. The webcam s*x business is how the Tate brothers built their massive wealth. That is what *they* said.

Tucker Carlson, a supposedly traditional family man, left Tate off the hook. Even elevated him. So do many conservatives online who constantly degrade and berate women for being “whores” and “materialistic”.

Total hypocrisy.”

Peterson quote-tweeted this saying, “Pimps. Electronic and otherwise. Are the lowest form of life.”

Fans were, however, more interested in the fact that Peterson’s daughter had a date night with Tate.

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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