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JR Blog: Was CM Punk PG on RAW?, Cena vs. The Rock the Biggest?, More

Jim Ross is back with another blog over on Here are some highlights from this entry:

– Very memorable Raw going into the MITB PPV this Sunday in Chicago with one of the best Raws leading into a PPV in a good while. MITB felt like a one match PPV until last night and the 6 man tag and the fantastic MITB video package resonated with me.

Nonetheless, MITB is ostensibly and primarily about John Cena/Cm Punk/WWE Title. I have no issues with that. With that said, I fully expect that there will be some spectacular moments in the ladder matches and let’s hope that some enterprising young talents will use these opportunities to step away from the pack. Again, it’s about maximizing one’s minutes and the minutes will be available to make an impression for every man in the ladder bouts.

One thing about Raw…even though there was edgy language such as one used to hear on Seinfeld, etc, the program stayed PG but was a strategic, edgy PG which worked well in Bean Town.

– Will Rock vs Cena be the biggest WWE PPV of all time? Hard to say but that’s a tall order. Depends on several things including what sort of TV interaction Rock/Cena have leading into the event, what else is booked on the card, and how disposable income holds up in our trying economy. Building a rivalry on Twitter is one thing but nothing replaces actual TV face time which I could theoretically see occurring after the first of the year but that’s merely personal speculation.

– Was CM Punk ‘PG’ Monday night? He was in my opinion as was the entire Raw show. It’s a subjective thing one can argue but my value judgment is that I would have no issues watching Raw with youngsters. That’s sort of the ‘parental guidance’ aspect of being PG, right?

– Is JR going to attend MITB this Sunday in Chicago? No plans whatsoever at this time but you can bet that I will be grilling and watching the event on PPV without fail.

  • Bill

    JR is right. WWE can swear & still be PG. It’s Vince that makes WWE as family friendly as possible. WWE is only PG because of the wrestling. Other than that, Vince as essentially made WWE Rated G. Luckily, guys like Punk shake things up for everybody.

  • rocky sucks

    take the belt from cena,put it on adr and then have the rock win the rumble.only for cena to win the belt back at e.c and go to wm 28 and face the rock for the title

  • Damkat

    the reason they went PG is because of the sponsors they have, thye are the ones that wanted it to be Pg or they would pull the advertisements.

  • erik

    it is wrestlemania that is reason people order it. wm27 was a joke card but peole still order the ppv. they could have cole vs king cena favorite politian barney frank vs pat paterson and the sheep on here will order it.

  • Emerson

    I’ll take edgy PG over regular I guess, that’s how it headed towards the attitude era anyways, they didn’t go right into it they started to slowly ease away from a pg format, I don’t really even blame vince for the PG. I think USA probably asked them to tone down the product, I know linda mcmahons campaign had something to do with it but i doubt it was the only reason.

  • venom

    Rock vs Cena will definately help get a lot of ppv buys. It will be a good Wrestlemania if they make better decisions like keeping Lawler and Cole out of the ring.