JR Blog: HBK’s Career, Curt Hawkins, TNA vs. WWE

Jim Ross is back with another blog over on jrsbarbq.com. Here are some of the highlights:



– Did I think that in 1996 that HBK would eventually wind up his career as arguably the greatest in ring performer of his generation? Honestly, no. Shawn’s life style was rather controversial at that time and did not lend itself to having a long, illustrious career. Thank goodness that Shawn made dynamic and distinctive changes in his life which then propelled him to the rarefied air of greatness in the pro wrestling biz. More importantly than re-establishing himself as one of wrestling’s greats of all time, Shawn Michaels became a much better man which is more important that being anyone’s show stopper.

– Will TNA ever become a TV ratings threat to WWE? What is the definition of a ratings threat? Does it mean, will TNA ever beat Raw on Monday nights? If that’s the question, then my guess is “No” but I don’t think that’s TNA’s goal. The USA Network provides Raw with a great advantage on cable TV in exposure and over all network ratings considering that USA is generally the #1 rated cable network. Small example but many hotels that I have stayed at over the years almost always have USA Network whereas few generally feature Spike. Point is that USA is a much stronger network than is Spike, no offense intended to Spike. My suggestion is that both WWE and TNA need to focus on what they do and build their own new stars that are involved in intriguing and compelling personal issues and let the chips fall where they may. TV wrestling is ‘star driven’ and ‘storyline fueled’ in which long term planning is a key component in order to facilitate, fun and easy to watch, episodic TV. It’s also WAY over thought in many circles.

– Yes, Curt Hawkins is in FCW working on his game in hopes of making it back to the primary WWE roster. I admire the veteran Hawkins essentially starting over to do all he can to attract positive attention and regain a position on WWE’s primary roster. If work ethic and desire have any thing to do with it, Hawkins will make it.

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