JR Blog: Night of Champions Main Event, Flair and Hart Beef, Sheamus, More

Jim Ross is back with another blog on jrsbarbq.com. Here are some of the highlights:



– HBO Entourage star Jeremy Priven, who plays one of the most unlikeable albeit entertaining characters on TV, will be the guest host on Raw on a broadcast emanating from the Mohegan Sun Casino on August 3. I hope Priven is as close to his Entourage character on Raw as possible because he is a captivating villain that audiences love to detest. I assume Priven, who is obviously very talented, is simply a great actor because if Entourage’s “Ari Gold” is an extension of Priven’s true personality then the guy is a legit tool. Of course, not that there’s any thing wrong with that.

– Many of my friends are asking me if I think that Shaquille O’Neal will become physically involved in the action this Monday night on Raw as “Shaq Daddy” aka “The Diesel” hosts Raw. First of all I have no clue on this and on many other things in life for the record. However, I sort of doubt it while at the same time it wouldn’t surprise me if Shaq did a little something along the lines of physicality short of having an actual match which I do not see occurring. Shaq is a UFC aficionado and is going to be in good shape so who knows? Another reason to tune into a “Vintage” Monday Night Raw that I hope to watch from the comfort of my Baltimore hotel room.

– I’ve been impressed with the progress thus far of Sheamus and of Drew McIntyre on the limited times that I have seen them in WWE rings. Ireland’s Sheamus can be seen on ECW now and is a big, rugged kid who feels like a classic antagonist. His work ethic seems sound and let’s hope that he continues to thirst for knowledge and stays in a positive frame of mine as his long journey is really just beginning. Same for Scotland’s McIntyre who has yet to officially debut on WWE TV but he, too, has potential. This is also where I generally say that potential won’t buy the groceries over the long haul. Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.

– The apparent issues that exist between Ric Flair and Bret Hart are unfortunate. I respect both men a great deal and loved both of their in ring work over the years and wish that this matter, that seems to rear its head periodically, would not have been made so public over the years.

– Expect the WWE Title Bout to close Night of Champions Sunday which makes sense to me. That’s what I would suggest to close the show if asked. With all due respect to the other bouts booked on Sunday, I have to prepare myself that the World Title Bout and the IC Title Bout are the biggest bouts on the show and those matches will receive most of my prep time. No, I did not just dis the Women’s Title Bout but they are usually never in the ring too long nor are they positioned much more than bridges to other bouts, unfortunately. That certainly doesn’t mean I won’t do all I can to enhance what I see between Melina and Michelle McCool. I do think that they will be physical.

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