JR Blog: Umaga’s Passing, Sheamus, Austin’s New Movie & More

Here are some highlights from JR’s latest blog on jrsbarbq.com:



– The sudden passing of Eddie “Umaga” Fatu certainly put a damper on the weekend as Eddie’s death on Friday came as a total shock to me. Eddie had moved his family to Houston a while back as many WWE performers now base out of the Houston area and some of them actually are neighbors. Nonetheless, when I think of Eddie I think of the many, many conversations that we had over the years and how they usually ended up with Eddie talking about his wife and children.

– Apparently, the #1 contender for the WWE Title Sheamus is getting a strong reaction on the road while the days are being counted down until the TLC PPV where the young Irish lad challenges John Cena for the WWE Title in a Tables Match. Getting to and staying put at the next level is not an overnight process and takes time. How much time? Good question. It depends on the talent and said talent’s presentation and tools with which to work.

– Heard from Steve Austin this week and had to give him a football update as Steve and crew are really working hard trying to finish his current film in the cold, outdoor environment of Vancouver by Christmas. Apparently, this film is particularly physically demanding and has a provocative, action adventure plot.

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