JR Blog: WWE ’13, Steve Austin’s Health, Legends Roundtables, More

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross is back with a new blog over on jrsbarbq.com. Here are some highlights:



– Is @CMPunk now a wrestling villain? Depends on who you ask and what side of the aisle one sits. Punk made a great deal of sense on several points he addressed when speaking on Raw Monday night. However, I do see the talented wrestler traveling in the direction of the ‘badlands’ or so it seems. Nice reason to stay tuned.

– Do I consider being on NXT a demotion? Heck no but I do consider the question somewhat of a restaurant quality eye roller. There is nothing more important in WWE than developing new talents.

– Thoughts on WWE13 from THQ? It’s the best script yet plus King and I got to sit side by side and do some enhanced ad libs for the Attitude Era portion of the video game. Pre orders are rocking and the game goes on sale in October. I’ll be doing some THQ promotion during Summerslam weekend which does NOT mean I’m broadcasting Summerslam.

– Adam Sandler is going to have to shoot around Steve Austin’s bad wheel in Grownups 2 this week. Steve is in Massachusetts now filming with an all star cast and a bum leg. @steveaustinBSR hopes to be fully healed by January.

– Any more Legends Roundtables scheduled? Not at this time but more will be produced. Arguably the best WWE program that airs on WWE On Demand. I’d like to see @HeymanHustle on a panel. Paul is always good for an argument or twenty. Very bright man who knows how to make his point.

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