JR Discusses His Health, Lance Cade’s Re-Signing, Brock Lesnar, more

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On His health: We got some medical tests back this morning which eliminated me having MS which was a relief. We had been waiting on that news for over a week. We have more tests scheduled next week as the process is essentially trying to eliminate issues that I might have but likely don’t. The waiting process gets a little stressful and my wife is a Saint for putting up with my orneriness as patience isn’t a virtue for yours truly.

On WWE Moving On Without Him: One concerned emailer to this site responded to my last blog with the fact that WWE has “moved on without me.” The way I see it, WWE had to move on without me, for now, as they have shows to do and I am unable to carry my share of the water. If the new broadcast teams click and I am not needed on a weekly basis then, poor me, I will find other projects on which to work. Yeah, getting off the road 51 weeks a year would be a real heart breaker. I’m partially joking here but until I get healthy WWE has to move forward without me and get their work done. I am pulling for Todd Grisham and Matt Striker to light it up on Friday night’s.

On Brock Lesnar: Did you know that Paul Heyman “consults” Brock Lesnar on selected projects? Strategic move by Brock who doesn’t like to deal with matters of this sort. I hope the UFC Champion gets well soon and enjoys the holidays while preparing for his next fight tentatively scheduled for January 2010. If I’m still on IR, or whatever, I might try and make that one in Vegas.

On Lance Cade: Good to see Lance Cade regroup and get back with WWE. Cade has size, athletic ability and the potential to be a really top hand and I hope that he makes it. Many of us have received second chances, or more, in our lives and I am a strong believer that second chances are a good thing. I hope that Lance realizes his dreams of becoming a main event level, WWE star and on a personal level I would love to see Cade in an issue with his mentor Shawn Michaels down the road.

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