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JTG Believes That There Is A Glass Ceiling For Certain Wrestlers In WWE

Former WWE star JTG recently took part in an interview with The World According To Wrestling podcast about the glass ceiling in pro wrestling, whether race is a barrier and Hulk Hogan’s racist comments that he made earlier this year. Here are the highlights.

On the glass ceiling in WWE:

For certain superstars there is definitely a glass ceiling. Using Zack Ryder as an example, it doesn’t matter if the crowd is on your side. If they don’t approve of you, if they don’t put the machine behind you, then they are not going to follow through with it. They handpick their stars.

On whether race is a barrier in pro wrestling:

I definitely believe so just due to history, the results you know? All the superstars that have been identified as African Americans, have been identified as Black – I’ve never seen them been the face of the company or be the Heavyweight champion. I’ve seen it in other companies like TNA and WCW, but in WWF still there hasn’t been a Black face or a champion.

On Hulk Hogan’s comments earlier this year:

What Hulk Hogan did was very disappointing. He was one of my biggest childhood heroes in the 80s and to hear him say that “We’re all a little racist” you’ve pretty much sealed your own fate. And I’m still trying to wrap my head around that. It’s still disappointing. I know that he is a loving guy and he’s very positive. I’ve met Hogan probably like two or three times and he’s already had good spirits about him but racism has nothing to do with loving or hating somebody; it’s a mindset that you are superior to the other race.

You can listen to the entire interview here:

  • oppa

    Plus Mark got the strap because they wanted more Black people to watch Smackdown. The same as when they would give Rey the title to try to get more Hispanics to watch that show. These guys weren’t given runs on RAW or with the WWE title because that’s not the show for minorities. It’s already been said Vince is racist and that many higher ups in WWE feel comfortable making racial jokes because HHH tells them all the time. I don’t see this ceiling going away anytime soon.

  • oppa

    As long as Michael P.S. Hayes is allowed to have influence, there will be a glass ceiling above the heads of many. Even though he has a long history of being a bigot, the fact that he booked Sheamus to face Mark Henry and Ron Killings because he thought it would be funny to see the difference in their skin colors in the ring should be enough for people to see this.

  • oppa

    It’s really sad how The Rock accomplished so much, but is now the token answer people give to prove that the WWE isn’t racist.

  • JC Bolden

    People always kill me when they bring up Mark Henry. We know that Gold WHC belt meant about as much to WWE as the WCW TV title meant to Scott Hall. True Rock is half Samoan and half black but he wasn’t billed as such during his run. When they refer to a black champion are talking about Mark Henry, Kofi, Big E, Lashley, Booker T and so on. I for one don’t see it happening. The fans have to connect with them and the gimmick has to be right. Considered that most black wrestlers in WWE are borderline stereotyped it will be hard.

  • Jmister30

    There has never been a WWE Champion that was 100% African American you Morons,can’t include the Rock cause he is half Samoan and one of a kind,WWE is a little racist,and not to mention you can count on your hand how many Latinos have been WWE Champion maybe 5 or less in the titles 60 plus year history.

  • TheFizPop

    WhC not wwe champ

  • Mizark

    Mark Henry?

  • The Killswitch

    Well, he’s also half Samoan, which I’m sure could be argued to contribute to this exception in the rule.

  • TheFizPop

    “but in WWF still there hasn’t been a Black face or a champion.” umm Rock?? Vinnie boy logic…