Keanu Reeves Drops Sandra Bullock Bombshell

Three decades have passed since Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock worked in Speed, and when asked whether he would consider returning for a third movie in the action franchise, Reeves seemed to be potentially up for a reunion with Bullock and had one condition for doing it.



Keanu Reeves reveals the condition

When asked by Access Hollywood what would get the pair of them back together for a new movie, Reeves simply said:

“A great story, a great script.”

Speed was certainly an impressive thriller but  Reeves did not appear in the heavily criticized sequel, Speed 2: Cruise Control. The first film had a number of elements that came together in just the right way to make some truly ludicrous moments just work.

Although Reeves dropping out of the sequel could suggest that he was done with the franchise after one movie, his reason for not returning was that he simply didn’t like the script. That makes his new comments suggest that it possible that if someone was to offer up the right script then he would be more inclined return.

Keanu Reeves has no problem revisiting some of his older movie franchises if the circumstances are right. In the last few years, Reeves has reprised his roles in The Matrix Resurrections and Bill and Ted Face The Music, and there is still a distant possibility that he could play the role of John Constantine again in a sequel to his 90s DC movie sometime in future. There are many fans who would be happy to see him add Speed 3 to this list.

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