Keith Lee Gets Offer From Surprising Promotion

Shane Taylor shares a cordial relationship with former WWE star Keith Lee. He recently spoke about ‘The Limitless One’ and offered him to join his promotion. Rob Van Dam Reveals Bad Triple H Accident



Keith Lee offered to join Shane Taylor Promotions

Speaking with Jaychele Nicole of Bodyslam.Net, Taylor shared that he has spoken to Keith Lee and that the door to Shane Taylor Promotions is always open for the former NXT Champion. Lee was released by WWE on Thursday, November 4 2021. Lee had teamed with Taylor in Ring of Honor between 2015 and 2017 as the Pretty Boy Killers (PBK).

“Keith knows. We’ve talked. He knows that the door is always open. The door of STP is always open. There’s always going to be a spot for him when, and if, he decides that’s the route he wants to go. Right now, I know he’s got things going on, as well as getting married in February. There’s absolutely no rush to anything, but he knows that I’m only a call away. Of course, I would love to team up with him and whoop anybody’s ass that really wants some. That’s any company, anywhere. If he wants us to do it, I’m in. Any company that feels like they want to bring in PBK, I’m sure we’ll talk. As long as the numbers add up, we can do business,” Taylor said.

Taylor picked a few potential opponents for the tag-team both in New Japan and AEW. He said the following:

“Again, and I know that I just talked about them, but I think PBK against the [Young] Bucks would be great. PBK against GOD in New Japan would be great. Obviously, you got FTR as well. Although it was short-lived, I would love to have another run against The Briscoes. There are lots of legendary tag teams out there that I would love to get in the ring with and test our skills against. I feel like, again, when you add Keith and myself, I don’t think any of those boys beat us when we’re on our game. It’ll be great to see.”

On October 27, 2021, ROH announced that the company will halt live events for the first quarter of 2022 as they “reimagine” and “reconceptualize” the company. The promotion had then released all talents from their contracts. We will see what future awaits for Lee.

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