Kelly Kelly Had Affair With Top WWE Star?

Kelly Kelly has shot down Karen Jarrett’s claim that she had an affair with Kurt Angle.



The final edition of Friday Night SmackDown did not feature any  vignette of Lacey Evans. Triple H might have some plans regarding her. WWE has recently been running vignettes for her impending return. However, she was originally planned to be involved in the show.

Lacey Evans vignette idea seemingly dropped

According to Fightful Select there was going to be another vignette on the show as of Friday evening It is unknown why the vignette didn’t feature on the show, but it was likely due to time constraints on the night. The show was a notable one for the women’s division as Charlotte Flair made her return to the ring, defeating Ronda Rousey to become the new SmackDown Women’s Champion, adding further depth to the roster with Evans’ return likely right around the corner.

Lacey Evans is set to make her return with a new gimmick. Different video packages have been airing on Friday Night SmackDown which are teasing her return. They saw Evans undergoing a rigorous training session with her fellow United States Marine Corps, with a voice in the background suggesting that Evans got “lost in the crowd with the whiners and the weak” but was now ready to revert back to her roots.

Recently, SmackDown, WWE aired vignette depicting how Lacey was working her way through the basics of what made her a formidable in-ring competitor. The video package showed the star undergoing rigorous military training in her quest to get back inside the squared circle.

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