Kurt Angle Reveals He’s Leaving TNA in September, Talks About His Next Move

In the first part of his interview on Jim Ross’ podcast, Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle revealed that his TNA contract is due to expire on September 21st, and the company has offered him an extension which he turned down.



The five-time TNA World Champion said his next pro wrestling contract will likely be his last, and he is taking time to consider what it means for him and the company that he signs on with.

Though Stephanie McMahon did leave the door open for a return during an interview in his hometown last year, it’s unclear whether WWE would take Angle back given the main reason they released him from his contract back in 2006 was due to health issues. Since then, Angle has suffered more injuries, surgeries and undergone treatment for substance abuse relating to drugs and alcohol. It’s also well-known that Vince McMahon and WWE are looking to slash costs, not add to them.

The other possibility would be Jeff Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling Promotion, and it could be a possibility given Angle and Jarrett have apparently made peace from any issues around Jarrett marrying Angle’s ex-wife, Karen.

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