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Kurt Angle Reveals His Dream Matches, Wrestlers That Resemble Him Today, Reason for Stopping Amateur Wrestling

Former WWE and TNA Champion Kurt Angle recently held a live Facebook Q&A  on his official Facebook page. You can check out some highlights from the Q&A here:

On his dream matches with Bret Hart and Daniel Bryan:

“I knew Bret wasn’t possible because of his stroke 15+ years ago, so I’d say Bryan. We could still have it. I’m holding out hope but chances are very slim.”

On what current wrestlers resemble him:

“I like these young guys Gable and Jordan. I think they have a lot to offer. Will they be Kurt Angle? I don’t know. As long as they continually improve and not put excess pressure on themselves to be better they really are, I think they will be very very good. Looking forward to seeing how they pan out.”

On why he stopped amateur wrestling: 

“I told myself at a very young age that if I won gold, I’d retire. Now if I would have taken Silver in 1996, I still would have wrestled 4 more years. But once I won Gold in the Olympics and Gold at the 1995 World Championships, I felt my legacy was intact. I don’t regret retiring because I fell in love with pro wrestling as well. That’s when I made the move.”

(All transcribed quotes courtesy of Wrestling Inc.)