Lana Cryptic Photo Stuns AEW Fans

Lana looks to be teasing us a bit as her 90 day no compete clause is ready to come to an end. Now, what could this mean? Well, this really gives her back the freedom to do just about anything that she wants. Many feel that Lana should be heading to a different wrestling promotion. Lana gave us a little insight into what she may be doing next on her Instagram as she posted up a pretty shocking photo that could mean much more than we think.



Recently, Lana posted up a photo on her Instagram stating that her 90 day no compete clause is now up via WWE. Looking at the photo, we see Lana in a boxing ring which is pretty odd to see. Even still, many expect Lana to head to AEW at All Out to join Miro as the two were together in WWE and are together outside of the world of professional wrestling.

It should also be mentioned that Lana posted the caption: “90 days is over you know what the means?” as an homage to JR stating on AEW: “It’s Wednesday, you know what that means” to start Dynamite off in honor of Brodie Lee. While this remains all a mystery on what’s next, we have some ideas.

What we aren’t too sure about is who will be facing off against Andrade El Idolo at AEW’s All Out event that is upcoming. Andrade took to Twitter to get some mystery brewing as he posted a photo of himself in a portrait which then looks down on a mystery star dressed in a suit with a black mask and black gloves on. This mystery star could be anyone. Bray Wyatt’s 90 day clause isn’t up, so I doubt it’s Wyatt.

Malaki Black could be another possibility, but I don’t feel there would be a need to cover him up, so I would assume it’s someone totally new. If the figure in the photo is the person he is facing, it wouldn’t be Adam Cole as this figure has a decent amount of muscle on them – sorry Adam.

The black mask does look like it has some sort of dragon design which leads me to think it would be Daniel Bryan. In my opinion, we see Bryan come in while the CM Punk vs Darby Allin and Sting match is going on, but we will see. The only other option would be Ric Flair if not anyone else.

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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