Lana Scorching Swimsuit Photo Is See-Through

The former WWE star Lana recently took to her Instagram account and posted a series of pictures of herself wearing a see-through outfit.



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While speaking to the Bailey Wrestling Show, the former WWE star went on to compare WWE with the AEW. While throwing a little shade at AEW President Tony Khan, she noted how Khan runs AEW the way he loves to. But that’s not the case with the WWE which makes it a global phenomenon:

“Tony Khan runs his business however he’d like to run his business, I’m going to leave it at that. There’s a reason why WWE is the greatest wrestling franchise and one of the greatest franchises in the world, and it’s because they value sports entertainment, storytelling, and not just fighting for a ‘wrestling title,’ but they value resolving conflict in the ring and that’s what makes wrestling special,” Lana explained.

“You can fight over anything like (Chris) Jericho would fight over a list. Rusev [Miro] fought in my honor so many times.”

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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