Lawler Screws Up On RAW, Hulk Hogan Tells Andre The Giant Story, More

The Daily Telegraph in Australia interviewed Hulk Hogan today to promote his upcoming tour of the country. Hulk says that Andre the Giant was exactly 667 pounds the day of WrestleMania three when he bodyslammed him, and he knew this because Andre weighed in at the Detroit airport earlier that day. He said the bodyslam wasn’t planned in advance, and Andre told him if he thought he could do it, go for it. He also said he was attacked in Melbourne earlier this week by a guy who looked like a Hell’s Angel, but he took the guy down and hooked him and it was over quickly. You can read the full interview at



— Site reader Matt writes: “Lawler said twice during the opening match on RAW that this is the first time ever that DX will be in a Hell in a Cell together. Of course this could be forgivable if it wasn’t moments after HHH talked about the last time DX beat Vince McMahon in the Hell in a Cell during his promo. And of course Michael Cole didn’t notice either…”

— Ron Simmons was named last weekend to the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame.

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