Lilian Garcia Explains Why She Doesn’t Wrestle, Why She Returned To WWE

Speaking to ESPN Deportes Los Angeles, SmackDown ring announcer Lilian Garcia explains why has repeatedly declined WWE management’s requests to wrestle over the years.



“I like it when I participate in angles, because it is something that does not occur all the time. What I like about it is that people do not expect it. If you do so all the time, it would not be something special. To call me a wrestler, I would have to learn more than just basic things. That would be disrespectful to those who are wrestling, that are practicing every day in developmental. Being a wrestler is a full-time job. I like participating in angles, but I’m not a wrestler,” she says.

Despite WWE being her ‘dream job’, Garcia decided to part ways with the sports-entertainment organization in 2009. She explains, “I decided to leave the company because I considered it a closed chapter in my life. I wasn’t tired of wrestling. In fact, during my absence, I kept watching WWE programs. But the reason for my departure was that I was going to get married. And I was also somewhat tired, since I was there ten years without taking a break. People don’t know what those in wrestling sacrifice. We are working 52 weeks of the year, we never stop. And I didn’t want to start my marriage all the time on the road without my husband. So I decided to leave. And a week later I got married.”

However, it was not long before she felt the wrestling bug again.

“The following year (2010), in Los Angeles, I was invited to the SummerSlam party, and saw everyone. And in talking with my former boss, I realized how much I missed this world, and I decided it was time to come back,” said Garcia.

Garcia also discusses being the lone Diva to be affiliated with WWE for more then ten years, her childhood, her unconventional route to WWE, her first day on the job, singing the U.S. Anthem at events and more. (Article)

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