Lio Rush believes he is breaking stereotypes in WWE

Lio Rush has recently made a comeback to WWE at NXT’s premiere on the USA Network. He even became the number one contender for Drew Gulak’s WWE Cruiserweight Championship by defeating Oney Lorcan. Things seem to be going good for him now, and he recently did an interview with The Sit Down (H/T WrestlingInc), where he discussed his pro wrestling career.



Rush believes that because of the decisions he’s making, he may have better longevity in his career compared to his co-workers. “That’s true – a lot of not smart wrestlers don’t make it to a certain age.” Rush said.

Regarding his WWE character, Rush stated that he was first hesitant to work with WWE with their history of using racial stereotypes. Rush says he was able to avoid that due to the decisions that he made.

“I always had that fear getting into it at first,” Rush admitted. “Then I felt like I broke that stereotype just because of the things that I was doing and showing that I’m not your typical stereotype, black wrestler who’s like flipping, and flopping, and dancing around and s**t.”

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