Logan Paul Girlfriend Lets It All Hang Out In Bed Photo

The YouTube sensation Logan Paul’s girlfriend Nina Agdal was spotted in their bedroom having no clothes on. However, she was covered with a blanket, having breakfast tray on her lap. ‘The Maverick’ posted a series of pictures and wrote the following in the caption:



“lucky me @ninaagdal”

In a breakdown video from Wade Clemons and Faze Sensei, Wade revealed that the YouTube sensation is looking to wrestle in six weeks’ time, which would be the Royal Rumble weekend.

“Fair play, I would do the same thing that other guys don’t and like almost a pay-to-win type thing because Conor has the money to do it and some other guys may not. But that’s the game you play if you’re a superstar and you have that kind of money, the same reason that Logan Paul has talked about. He’s going to get stem cell therapy. We got an update on that. His MCL was the only thing that was torn. He didn’t have a triple tear. He’s going to try to wrestle in six weeks apparently. He’s going to get stem cell stuff and that stuff is great. You have the money to do it, why the f*ck not?.”

Roman Reigns successfully defended his Undisputed WWE Universal Championship against the YouTube sensation Logan Paul in the headlining match at WWE Crown Jewel Premium Live Event ins Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Logan certainly garnered some more fans after showcasing some great moves inside the ring. He exceeded the expectations of the fans and took The Tribal Chief to his limits. At one point, ‘The Maverick’ hit a Frog Splash from the top rope through the announcers’ table on Reigns. However, that came at the cost of multiple injuries. Following the match, ‘The Maverick’ tweeted that he suffered a torn meniscus, MCL, and potentially his ACL as well.

However, Dave Meltzer noted during his latest Wrestling Observer Radio that they still don’t know if he has a torn ACL, because they haven’t had it looked at by a doctor yet. He also further stated, although Logan Paul will be out for a while given his other injuries, a torn ACL would certainly keep him out longer.

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