Logan Paul Gives ‘Sad Excuse’ For Mayweather Loss

The YouTuber turned pro boxer Logan Paul had recently survived the eight-round exhibition bout against Floyd Mayweather Jr. and it ended in a draw, though Paul clearly lost the bout if had been properly scored, with scores shown on screen.



It seemed during the fight that Mayweather got the better of Paul and ‘Money’ had acquired more points. If the bout would have been judged, Mayweather would have certainly picked up the win. Fedor Drops Khabib Retirement Bombshell

Logan Paul talks about surviving the bout

During the Impaulsive podcast, Paul reflected on the bout and said he felt way more confident and the strikes of MMA veteran  did not affect him much. He also revealed the trick he used to survive till the end.

He said:

“I’m standing across from this guy, like fighting this guy and I’m like, “Yo, that’s Floyd.” I couldn’t believe my brain was the one in my body. That makes sense? It happened to me in my first pro-fight and it kind of fu**ed with me a little bit. I didn’t feel in control. So, out of the many things I learned in that fight, I told myself I was going to ground myself the best way possible and my way of doing that as an athlete and it’s been that way since school, is fu**ing around and having fun.”

It is being teased that Paul could face the former UFC star, Anderson Silva next. We will have to see if there is any official confirmation regarding the potential bout.


Barry Russell
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