Logan Paul Reveals UFC Star ‘Open Relationship’

Logan Paul is pretty good at getting the hard hitting answers out of the hard hitting UFC fighters. Logan Paul is really close friends with fan favorite, Sean O’Malley. Sean is a pretty wild guy and it’s only right to assume that his lifestyle is just as wild. Sean lives a life that many men would like to follow the footsteps in, but it’s not just the fame and the money, no, not at all. Sean also is hitting homeruns with the ladies as Jake Paul and all of us have learned….Conor McGregor Leaks Nate Diaz ‘Brain Damage’ Photo.



Logan Paul invited Sean O’Malley onto the Impaulsive podcast and as you can imagine, hilarity ensued as well as a new thought process that many are now open to thanks to Sean. Sean O’Malley opened up to the Impaulsive crew about his relationship when he was asked about it.

Logan got the UFC star to drop a bombshell about his relationship with his girlfriend. Sean stated that he is in an open relationship as he does see multiple women, but his ‘princess’ is his girlfriend, Dani. As transcribed by Wrestling-Edge, Sean starts off by stating: “The first conversation we (Sean and Dani) had was that I couldn’t see myself with one woman for the rest of my life.”

Sean goes deeper into this by stating that he hates conventional relationships as he dislikes the whole ‘ownership’ vibe from it all. Sean also ensured to clear the air that it is very hard for Dani sometimes as the backlash she receives is viscous as Sean stated: “I’m here right now talking about this, and people see it as ‘oh, he’s using you or oh, she’s stupid,’ but I’m a good partner in the relationship.”

Sean then says that he and Dani have had issues before due to the nature of the relationship as he once had feelings for another girl and this all blew up in his face which caused Dani to move out. Thankfully, he said they worked through it and they are both free to do what they want.

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