Major sign on Neville’s future with WWE

We noted before how WWE was denying the reports that the former Cruiserweight Champion Neville has quit the company, however it appears now officials have also started believing that he is gone.



A fan on twitter posted the following video of the old and new intro for 205 Live and in the comparison, you can see that Neville has been edited out of the video package:

Neville last appeared on the September 26th episode of 205 Live where his face turn was cemented when he defeated Ariya Daivari in a match but was attacked by Enzo Amore Afterwards.

It was later reported that Neville ‘walked out’ of the October 9th episode of Raw after learning that he was expected to lose to Enzo Amore in the main event of the show, though at that time WWE had denied the rumors of him leaving.

Although with the company removing him from the 205 Entrance, it appears that they have also left the hopes of him returnin and it shouldn’t be a surprise if an official announcement of his release is sent out in near future.

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