Manny Pacquiao Leaked ‘Retirement’ Video Stuns Fans?

Manny Pacquiao gave a speech that sounded like a possible retirement speech after his loss to Yordenis Ugas on Saturday, saying we might not see him in the ring again.



Conor McGregor’s team sued Pacquiao to try to stop Saturday’s fight. ‘The Infamous One’ Conor McGregor has gotten his nickname for a reason – he definitely knows how to get under somebody’s skin. This can be clearly defined by McGregor’s recent attacks on the families of both UFC greats – Dustin Poirier and Khabib Nurmagomedov. Conor McGregor’s surprising haircut photo shocked UFC fans. 

During a recent interview with Low Kick, top UFC heavyweight Anthony Smith revealed that he is not too proud or thrilled about the recent antics of Conor McGregor stating that ‘Mystic Mac’ has crossed the line. Credit to the outlet for the below quotes.

“I can’t handle the tweeting stuff. I didn’t like it when he was attacking Khabib (Nurmagomedov) and his family and his religion and the personal stuff. Me and Luke Rockhold have gone back-and-forth several times and neither one of us has ever attacked each other personally. Even Jon (Jones) and I, I mean, it got a little personal but it hasn’t really crossed over to like, too much. He’s made some jokes and he thinks he’s funny and whatever. but it’s never gotten to that point where we were attacking each other’s families.”

Continuing, Smith stated that when it comes to McGregor’s recent slew of personal attacks, he feels that people have been ‘shot for less’. Conor McGregor leaked this Floyd Mayweather bank payment recently.

“With Conor it’s just, it’s too far, it’s way too far. Take all this fighting bullsh-t out of the picture, like people get shot for a lot less than that just walking down the street, I don’t know. Maybe I just grew up different. Maybe I’ve grown up different and I’ve seen some crazier sh-t… Like I’m just so shocked that he (McGregor) has the balls to (do this). Like I don’t understand why you feel so free to say things like that, like is he really that untouchable and really just feels like he’s just free to say what he wants? Maybe, I guess he’s got a bunch of security around him. There’s some people that you can’t talk like that about. It’s just weird to me.”

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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