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Mark Henry wants WWE to capitalize on Nia Jax’s character

Nia Jax endured the wrath of officials and the fans alike after her ill-fated strike on Becky Lynch, which left the SmackDown Women’s Champion with a broken face and a concussion. As a result, Jax has a significant amount of heat wherever she heads and WWE Hall Of Famer Mark Henry wants the WWE to use it to their strength.

Speaking on the Busted Open Radio, Henry elaborated on how the WWE should book Jax going forward. He said:

“I wanna see Nia not smile,” Henry said. “Like, ‘Becky hit me and she got what the hell she deserved. And if anybody else wants a 2 piece, with no sides, and no biscuits – bring it! I’m standing here, I got a microphone in my hand. It’s very easy for me to put this down and put my hands on your ass!’ Like, give me that. If you give me that, I’m up in arms.'”

Henry went on to add that the former RAW Women’s Champion should be knocking everyone out on the roster.

The former World Heavyweight Champion also lamented the course that professional wrestling has taken. Henry feels that the latest product is focused more on entertainment rather than actual wrestling. He stated:

“We’re doing stuff – we’re not thinking in the sense of wrestling now,” Henry continued. Sometimes we try to think about entertaining too much, and I’m tired of seeing the girl smile. I’m tired of seeing everybody cry when they get an ass whooping. Like, there’s no crying in wrestling.”


  • CC

    Of course a big bloke is gonna stand up for a big girl.

    I have no real dislike for Henry, but to see him complaining about today’s product being more about entertainment than wrestling from a guy who has about 3 moves in his repertoire, and was involved in angles like Sexual Chocolate and getting Mae Young pregnant, he has no right to complain about modern wrestling.
    Hell, if you consider how many wrestlers were saddled with awful vocation related gimmicks back in the 90’s, entertainment has been one of the focal points for a long long time now. How else do you explain the likes of Doink, IRS, Repoman, Sparky Plug & Isaac Yankem?

    I will give him that what he is saying that they should be presenting Nia as a proper bad guy, akin to his hall of pain gimmick, as this “Mean Girls” character just is not suited to her abysmal promo skills.
    That said, she will still be a sloppy botch monster, no matter what gimmick you give her.

  • Wicka Steve

    What is this? Fatties got to stick together? Nia should be jobbed out to Dana Brooke in under a minute and sent back to NXT for 18 months and 100lbs.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    So push a very careless wrestler, just for some cheap heat… no.