Maryse Explodes Out Of Blue Top In Hotel Photo

Maryse recently took to her Instagram and uploaded a gorgeous video of herself in a bathroom, while she wore a blue bikini top and bottom. She showed off ample cleavage and fans just loved every second of it.



During a recent episode of the Legion of RAW, Vince Russo and Dr. Chris Featherstone engaged in a discussion about the future of Miz and Maryse in WWE. The question posed to them was whether Endeavor, the company’s parent company, should fire or retain the popular duo moving forward.

Russo kicked off the conversation by praising the stunning beauty of Maryse before delving into his perspective on how Miz and Maryse could become even more valuable assets for WWE if they were portrayed as babyfaces, or “good guys,” rather than heels, or “bad guys.”

The 62-year-old emphasized that Miz and Maryse possessed a likable quality beyond their characters in the scripted world of professional wrestling. He urged WWE to allow them to be themselves and mirror the personas they exhibited on their reality show, Miz and Mrs.

Russo questioned the logic of keeping Miz and Maryse as heels on television when they were presented as relatable and endearing figures on Miz and Mrs. He found it contradictory for the audience to see them in a positive light on their reality show and then witness them play completely different characters on WWE programming.

“We’re watching Miz and Mrs, and they are likable, and they’re parents, and we’ve got kids, and we’ve got mothers-in-law, and we get into that whole aspect, and then all of a sudden, on the TV show, they are two completely different people.”

Russo failed to see the benefit of maintaining the current heel gimmick for Miz and Maryse, believing that it hindered their potential connection with the pro wrestling audience. Instead, he advocated for a reset, allowing the couple to showcase their natural likability and capitalize on the genuine appeal they displayed on Miz and Mrs.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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