Mascot Works WWE Live Event, Mathews Storyline Update, The Miz

– The latest from Josh Mathews on Twitter, playing up the SmackDown storyline where he’s threatening to sue WWE and the General Managers:



“Just getting home now from Green Bay. Doc’s wouldn’t let me fly following SD, needed further observations. Btw, no calls from either GM.”

– WWE has a poll up for fans to vote on a new t-shirt for The Miz. All of the designs say “Haters ♥ Me… Cuz I’m Awesome.”

– Bucky Badger, the official mascot for the University of Wisconsin at Madison, was in action at last night’s live event in Madison, Wisconsin. Following Heath Slater’s loss to Justin Gabriel, Slater cut a promo which brought out Hornswoggle and Bucky. Kidd hit Slater and set him up for a Tadpole Splash from Hornswoggle. The end saw Bucky get the pin on Slater.

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