Matt Hardy & Isis the Amazon Respond To “Backstage Heat” Reports

Isis the Amazon, who participated in a tryout match for TNA Wrestling earlier this week, posted numerous messages on her Twitter account yesterday dismissing the report that she upset those in the locker room with her conduct backstage. According to the Pro Wrestling Torch, the organization’s female performers collectively made it clear at this week’s television tapings that they would not work with her if she is signed, citing her poor attitude.



“Heat comes & goes. Even if I had it, why would I care? All that matters is that I give what I do 110% & have a positive attitude,” she wrote in response to a message that she has “heat” amongst the locker room.

She then added, “I don’t ever pay attention to dirt sheets. They’re there b/c average people live average, boring lives & need a target like me for amusement & a cheap laugh. I’m not putting it over & I’m don’t talking about them, IE giving them credit. F*** ’em.”

Lisa Marie Varon (a/k/a Tara) spoke out in defense of Isis, saying she didn’t upset the locker room, and that she’s a total sweetheart.

Isis also commented on her wrestling ability drawing unflattering comparisons to The Great Khali. She said that Tommy Dreamer, who also works as a producer, told her she has a lot of potential.

“People can say what they want. When a guy like Tommy Dreamer who had worked closely with the Great Khali comes up to you & tells you that you have mass amounts of potential, I’d focus on that as motivation over some stupid dirt sheet talking s***,” she said. “My name is still coming out their mouths for a f****** reason- NEVER forget that. So long as I’m doing what I need to be doing, everyone else trying to bring me down can “suck it”.

Company sources indicate Isis garnered major heat amongst the locker room due how she carried herself at the events, as if she is already a “big star” in the wrestling industry.

“I’ve never seen a guy or a girl rub the locker room this much the wrong way,” said a TNA employee.

Meanwhile, Matt Hardy similarly dismissed a report indicating that he upset his peers by taking credit for the recent TNA Impact ratings surge coinciding with his arrival to the organization.

“GIVE ME THE HEAT!” he wrote Wednesday in response to a headline reading “Backstage Heat On Matt Hardy Over Twitter Comments.”

He then changed his tune on the subject, writing today that only “inaccurate scumsheets” say he’s arrogant with his boastful remarks on Twitter, not his fellow wrestlers.

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