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Matt Morgan Reportedly Gone from TNA

– Matt Morgan asked for a release from his TNA contract last month and was granted his wish today. Morgan hinted leaving the company in spring of 2012, only to return later that fall. Since his return he has barely been used.

As noted last week, the company also released Crimson, Joey Ryan, Christian York, Taeler Hendrix and Madison Rayne.


  • MachoKing

    I completely agree with you there! Morgan is just your typical “big man” wrestler who hands out a few big boots, clotheslines and powerbombs every once in a while. I was never impressed with him and was honestly wondering why TNA would keep trying to put him in the top spots.

  • poko

    It’s about time, to be blunt. I’ve never been a fan of the guy and he never seemed to fit into TNA. Nothing he’s ever done has interested me in the slightest. Some might say that’s TNA’s fault but after so many chances and storylines, I don’t think it can all be accounted to writing or booking problems. He just doesn’t have much charisma and he’s nothing special in the ring. He has the look but that’s about it.

    Quite honestly, because of his size, I think he would be a much better fit with the WWE, where he wouldn’t always have to keep up with smaller, faster wrestlers. With regards to TNA, however, I don’t think losing Morgan is much of a blow.

  • studlydudley

    Put him in a mask and start all over maybe just maybe.

  • studlydudley

    Now we love Matt Morgan again right? Cause he is leaving TNA and over night transformed into the future of wrestling! OH MY so confusing!

  • Dan

    Put him in the Wyatt Family!

  • Scooter

    In fairness were any of those things his fault? The Hogan angle had potential and I honestly wish they’d built it better. I actually could have seen him as the lone wolf instead of Aj at one point.

  • drew

    I never saw that much talent in him. Was he really the DNA of TNA when he was tossed into a tag team, then dropped, randomly stole Hogan’s weird cloak, tossed into a random tag team, then random heel? He was never that important and could never (for me anyway) keep a storyline going

  • Nick McGinniskin

    Morgan to WWE, minus the stutter?

  • Scooter

    They were totally wasting him. He has an awesome look, he can cut a promo and is a good wrestler.