Matt Riddle Direct Message To Randy Orton Revealed

Former WWE star Matt Riddle is certainly a controversial name in WWE because of his inappropriate actions outside the squared circle, which led to him getting released from the company. He recently got a ton of props from Randy Orton and now Riddle decided to react to that finally.



Matt Riddle officially confirmed WWE fired him back in September, but he managed to make a lot of memories during his time in WWE. Before Randy Orton’s injury hiatus, he and Matt Riddle were teaming up – known as Team RKBro. They won tag team gold together and were viewed as highlights on WWE television.

The Apex Predator gave Matt Riddle props for helping him through the matches by bearing the brunt of the physicality while Orton was still in considerable pain.

“Last year, before I had to leave because of the back, I was in a tag team with former WWE Superstar Matt Riddle. And I’ve got to give him props, because that year we tagged together, I was not able to be in that ring unless I was in there with someone like him. Because he was able to take the brunt of the physicality, he’d tag me at the end, I’d come in and do my s***, if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t have made it that far,” he said.

Riddle took to his Instagram and uploaded a post where Orton praised him, as he simply thanked Orton for all the love.

”Thanks Randy ❤️”

Matt Riddle will also compete in a Lucha Libre show. He will also face RVD next year in the highly anticipated matchup.


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