Matt Riddle Releasing Intimate Videos To Fans?

Former WWE star Matt Riddle is certainly a controversial figure due to his inappropriate actions outside the ring, ultimately resulting in his termination. Riddle is now considering opening an OnlyFans after his WWE firing.



Riddle was recently released from WWE. It came upon and that was a big shock. His name was announced a day after the rest of the cuts, which meant his firing was different. It had nothing to do with the planned cuts, because the Original Bro had simply burned all of his chances with WWE.

Before Matt Riddle was released among several other names as part of mass WWE talent releases that hit the main roster and NXT hard, WWE had paired Riddle with Drew McIntyre as a tag team on Raw.

The Original Bro took to his Instagram and uploaded a couple of photos of himself wearing a Speedo as he contemplated whether he should open an OnlyFans after his WWE firing.

“My 90 days are almost up and I’m weighing my options #onlyfans #bro #dude #stallion #wap #wab #abs #speedo #thirstythursday #thirsty #fansly”

According to Dave Meltzer in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Matt Riddle is willing to square off against Jake Paul in a boxing match while their negotiations continue. That said, Meltzer feels nothing will come of the negotiations in the end.

”Matt Riddle and his reps spoke directly to Jake Paul of late regarding doing a match. Paul expressed no interest in facing Riddle under MMA rules, where Riddle would have the experience edge even though he hasn’t been active or trained for fighting for years.

Riddle was willing to do a boxing match and at this point it’s up to Paul’s side, which obviously it always would be since he’s the A side.

There is some name value is Riddle from pro wrestling and that he has a legit background, but not in boxing, and then there’s the potential negative at this point in time of Paul boxing against a pro wrestler when he’s trying to be seen as more serious. I don’t expect anything to come of this.”

Barry Russell
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