Matt Riddle Savagely Exposes CM Punk As Fraud

CM Punk’s return at WWE Survivor Series has generated mixed reactions, and some individuals within the wrestling industry are expressing their opinions, both positive and negative. One such individual is Drew McIntyre, who is reportedly upset about Punk’s comeback. Additionally, Kayla Braxton made some catty remarks on social media, and Matt Riddle took a shot at Punk by bringing attention to his MMA career and UFC record.



Matt Riddle, who was released by WWE less than 90 days ago, has a history of backstage incidents, with over two dozen reportedly linked to his departure. After seeing Punk’s return, Riddle took to social media, specifically X, to share his perspective. Riddle’s comments suggest that dealing with Punk might be challenging for WWE, drawing attention to Punk’s 0-2 record in the UFC and implying that WWE might face similar difficulties with him.

Punk, who left WWE in 2014, made a highly anticipated return at Survivor Series, marking his comeback to the wrestling world after several years away. While some are excited about Punk’s return, others, like McIntyre and Riddle, seem to have different sentiments. The wrestling community continues to react to Punk’s return, and opinions on the matter remain diverse.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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