Matt Sydal says India was a “magical moment”, Davey Richards’ GFW exit

Few people have experienced the highs and lows of pro wrestling like Matt Sydal. He has seen a lot in his career and the veteran isn’t shy about sharing his opinion about what he’s gone through in his career.



Matt Sydal recently spoke to Sportskeeda where he went into detail about how much wrestling in India meant to him.

“It was a truly magical moment in my career to wrestle for the Indian fans. The amount of joy, jubilation, enthusiasm, and celebration that they put into the matches while they were going on, amped up my adrenaline level to the next degree and I was able to use that to come out on top and win the Sony Six Challenge.”

“India is a big part of my success” Matt continued. “When I become X-Division Champion or World Champion, it will be because of the Indian fans rallying behind me and believing in me. When I left India, I really felt like I had connected and bonded with Indian fans and I really hope they will go to bat for me like I do for them. We’re all in this together.”

“Regardless of where you’re from and what language you speak, we can all enjoy pro wrestling together. That’s the beauty of Impact Wrestling.”

Sydal also discussed the blow it caused GFW when Davey Richards decided to leave the company. The rumors are he has decided to become a doctor and Matt had nothing but great things to say about his former co-worker.

“I wish him nothing but the best. I love these guys who don’t let wrestling defeat them. That go on to become successful, intelligent people and Davey’s certainly a guy with a brain. I wish him nothing but the best.”

“Is it a loss for the X Division? No, because I’m still here. You can dwell on the past all you want, but Davey Richards is gone, there’s a new show in town and I don’t think anyone’s going to be changing the channel.”

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