Megan Fox ‘Embarrassing’ UFC Star Video Leaks

The plot thickens even more as it pertains to the scuffle that was seen at the VMA awards show that featured Conor McGregor and Machine Gun Kelly getting into it. Conor McGregor in a recent interview said he doesn’t even know Machine Gun Kelly and alluded to the fact that he just wanted to see Megan Fox which lead to MGK getting a bit ‘ballsy’. Now, we have a shocking video showing what side Megan really may be on. Conor McGregor vs. Machine Gun Kelly Exposed As Fake</strong>



In a recently posted video on Twitter, Megan Fox is seen at a UFC show cheering for and clapping for Conor McGregor. This video of course came some time before the scuffle between Machine Gun Kelly and Conor McGregor, but it does add to the case for McGregor as he has said that Megan has been going to his fights for a long time.

Conor’s case, while he never said it word for word, is that Megan Fox has been coming out to UFC events for a long time. Conor doesn’t know Machine Gun Kelly, so when he went up to the two – it was more-so to catch up with Fox. This then allegedly made Machine Gun Kelly mad and that’s when the scuffle started.

The official story is that McGregor wanted a photo with Machine Gun Kelly and Kelly refused which led to the scuffle.

Twitter commenters commented on the video which you can see below: “That explains it, Conor saw Megan, wanted to take a picture with her and maybe something more, but her boyfriend Eminem wanna-be got jealous pushed Conor, and Conor responded. That’s gotta be the whole story.”

Another commenter said: “That’s basically the story that is out there…mgk.pushed conor..”

Conor re-tweeted the video. Special thanks to Sportskeeda.

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