Melania Trump ‘Partner In Crime’ Revealed

Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, former confidante of Melania Trump, didn’t hold back in her recent commentary on the viral moment when Melania appeared less than pleased standing beside her husband, Donald Trump. Sharing a video of the couple on X, Wolkoff suggested that Melania was willingly entering a perilous situation, akin to navigating a minefield, and implied that she was complicit in her own predicament.



The post sparked reactions from social media users, with many echoing the sentiment that Melania appeared unhappy and uncomfortable in the presence of her husband. Some speculated on the nature of their relationship, with comments ranging from sympathy to criticism.

This isn’t the first time Wolkoff has commented on the Trumps’ dynamic. In a December 2023 interview with CNN, she asserted her belief that Melania would remain by Donald’s side, characterizing them as “partners in crime.” Wolkoff emphasized Melania’s active role in supporting Trump and dismissed notions of her being a victim, suggesting that she is equally responsible for their shared public image and actions.

“Unfortunately, people keep giving her this out, this reason to believe that Melania should be freed from Donald, but Melania is complicit,” she told Phillip. “Melania is, you know, side by side with the showmanship and she is exactly like Donald, just, unfortunately, in a skirt and high heels, and showing up today was just another way for her to have some camera time.”

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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