Can You Name Every Member Of The nWo?, Tammy Sytch’s Latest Wild Act, More

– In celebration of the sixteenth anniversary of the nWo this weekend, has put a game asking you to name the twenty-three individuals who made up the original incarnation of the rebel group within a span of three minutes. Japanese wrestlers and celebrities weren’t included as answers.



– WWE Hall of Famer Tammy “Sunny” Sytch committed her latest outrageous act Saturday night at an independent wrestling show in Long Island, New York as she purposely had her undergarment removed during a match. She stated on Facebook, “If you haven’t already heard, last night at FTW in Long Island, Damien Darling removed my thong in the ring mid-match…It waas HOTTTTTTTT! To book us in August, contact me at [email protected]!! Thanks! We always put on the best show of the night ;).”

Sytch then revealed she disrobed to gain attention online. “How long b4 the dirt sheets pick THIS ONE up? that’s why it was done, hehe,” she commented below the initial post.

– Former WWE Superstar Charlie Haas will be hosting a wrestling clinic on August 11, 2012 at the XCW Institute in Denton, Texas. The cost is $40. Additional information is available here.

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