Mick Foley Not Happy With Eve Name Calling, Says WWE Is Sending A Mixed Message

After Eve declared on Raw SuperShow two weeks ago that she’d taken advantage of Zack Ryder’s feelings to further her own career and planned on doing the same with John Cena, she quickly became the recipient of great scorn. Cena proclaimed on the same show that he lost a “broski” for a “hoeski;” this has led to the WWE Diva being inundated with the derogatory name at live events and through social media outlets. Legendary wrestler Mick Foley, a friend of Eve’s, is not fond of this uncomplimentary storyline and is voicing his concern through Twitter.



Foley initially played up the storyline on the micro-blogging site by saying Ryder should give Eve another chance. A follower of Foley’s disagreed, writing, “Once a #Hoeski, always a #Hoeski.” He responded by saying both Ryder and Cena should apologize to Eve for calling her that name.

“Sorry, @LizBDecker, but @ZackRyder should take @EveMarieTorres back AND apologize for calling her that name. @JohnCena should apologize too,” Foley wrote. “It’s important to be able to disagree without being disagreeable. @ZackRyder should just say #noski when it comes to using the word #hoeski.”

Foley adds that WWE is sending a “mixed message” with the name-calling since it contradicts their anti-bullying campaign ‘be a STAR’ and Cena’s motto to “Rise Above Hate.”

“I wouldn’t be so uneasy with the name-calling if not for Be a Star and @JohnCena rising above hate. Mixed message,” he wrote in response to the following comment: “How does John Cena accusing Eve of being a skank and of being diseased fit with the Be a Star campaign?”

Foley continues, “I think @zackryder can come out of this looking good, but not if he gives into something as cheap and easy as name-calling.”

He was also asked whether the storyline is a product of lazy writing or indicative of a blatant sexism problem within WWE.

“I really love what WWE is doing with it’s anti-bullying campaign – but the “hoeski” thing did strike me as the lazy way out,” Foley responded.

This is not the first time where Foley has publicly taken a stand for a female being demeaned on WWE programming as he took offense online to Triple H belittling ring announcer Lilian Garcia with a hurtful behind-the-scenes joke during a 2010 episode of Raw. He acknowledged then that speaking out against the WWE head may have cost himself professionally down the road, but vehemently felt he had to take a stand.

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