Mick Foley Rumor Killer, Former WWE Star on New Reality TV Show

– Dan from PWTweets.com sent the following: Former WWE superstar and Spirit Squad member Ken Doane (“Kenny Dykstra”) will be appearing in a new FOX Reality channel series called “Seducing Cindy” – where a group of young guys compete to win the love of model/actress Cindy Margolis.



Doane wrote on Twitter, “WWE don’t want me,TNA don’t want me right now. Guess I’m gonna get ready for “Seducing Cindy” Jan 30th 2010 glassmanmedia.com see the promo!”

– To clear up an unfortunate rumor, Mick Foley is alive and well. Foley posted a blog today on his MySpace.com page saying a friend informed him of an Internet rumor that he had died. Foley wrote, “A friend of mine since middle school actually heard I had died on the Internet today. Just want to clear that one up. I am very much alive and well,” Foley said. “I don’t know how these things get started, but hopefully no one beside my friend took it seriously.”

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