Mick Foley Says Batista Deserved Better, Fans Were Wrong for Taking Their Anger Out on Him

– Mick Foley wrote the following on his Facebook this morning:




He was simply the wrong guy in the wrong place at the wrong time. Unfortunately for Dave Bautista (Batista), his return happened to be part of the perfect storm – the night WWE fans wanted Daniel Bryan – WWE Universe to walk out as the winner of the 2014 #RoyalRumble …and would settle for nothing less. The initial reaction – the pop – was there when Dave made his Rumble entrance; the WWE Universe was excited to see him. They just didn’t want anyone but Daniel Bryan to walk out of that match as the winner. Unfortunately, the fans directed their anger at Batista personally. And that’s wrong.

Shouldn’t we be happy for Batista? He left his bread and butter – the WWE – to pursue the bold new dream of acting. Now he’s landed a dream role, in a major motion picture – Marvel’s #GuardiansOfTheGalaxy and, yet. no one seems very happy for him.

Hey, I laughed too at #Bootista and #Bluetista. But Dave’s a good guy, who worked hard to carve out a legacy inside WWE – and he deserved better than what he got.

Just one guy’s opinion. Feel free to share yours.

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