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Mick Foley Sees Potential Problem With Divas; Adam Rose Endorses Tough Enough Competitor ZZ

Mick Foley commented on his Facebook about last night’s Raw and the crowd reaction to the Divas during their 6 man tag team match. He says:

“I loved WWE Raw – I really did, Loved all of it….almost. The Heyman promo, the Inspirational Bo Dallas promo, that Brock didn’t quite buy into, The Dudleyz, The Sting thing. All of it was great, Except for the Divas match. For the 2nd time in two weeks, ‪#‎RAW‬ turned a little nasty for the ladies”

What he’s talking about are the antics the crowd went through during the match, which included the wave and a “we are awesome” chant. The WWE added in an extra commercial during the match on their West Coast feed in order to combat the negative fan reactions.

Foley also added a comment from one of his friends in the post steting why the match received that reaction:

“The Divas division now has to consist of independent concurrent story lines. The WWE Universe wants to see a fight. Grudge matches. One versus one. Leave your entourage in the back. That is a big match feel. Not contrived weekly variations of all the Divas put together for a couple of segments.”



Adam Rose tweeted today encouraging the WWE Universe to throw their votes behind Tough Enough finalist ZZ.

The Tough Enough finale airs tonight at 8pm Eastern on the USA Network.

  • yo

    Another problem with the crowd last night was they clearly wanted Sasha banks but they didn’t get her

  • Kristopher Robinson

    I 100% agree with Foley on this one. I am really getting tired of having all the divas come out at once and that’s all the air time they get. Cena and Brock are talked about every 15 seconds, but this actually good roster of divas, gets 15 minutes to build to the same match; over and over and over and over again.

  • Shawn OB

    The only negative feedback I heard from the fans were boos for Nikki Bella. It was just a wild crowd having fun, that’s all.