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Mickie James Looking To Have Fans Fund Her Second Music Album

Mickie James announced Thursday plans to record a second country music album; providing she raises enough money from fans to fund the project.

Through, the TNA Women’s Knockout Champion is seeking $5,000 in contributions by September 2, 2011 to begin work on the project. She wrote, “I’m getting ready to go into the studio to record a new project, and I wanted to find a way to offer you a chance to not just pre-order the CD, but to have an exclusive chance to get some other goodies that have never been available (and won’t be available again!).”

Those who pledge $10 receive a copy of the album and MP3.

Those who pledge $25 receive an autographed album and their name in the album’s “thank you’s.”

Those who pledge $50 receive access to an exclusive web concert.

Those who pledge $75 receive a personalized video message from James.

Those who pledge $100 receive a one-of-kind T-shirt painted by James.

Those who pledge $200 have their name listed as an Executive Producer in the new album.

Those who pledge $2,500 receive a 30-minute acoustic concert at their home. However, they will also have to provide James with two plane tickets, a rental car and two hotel rooms.

Those who pledge $10,000 receive all of the above, plus a co-starring role in James’ music video.

Her campaign can be accessed here, which also features a video of James discussing the project. The TNA Knockout has so far raised $1,610.

  • venom

    Lee Siebler “the Maryse Stalker” paid Micke 20 grand.

  • Vasca

    LOL I guess everybody was wrong!!!! She is already past $10 grand!!!!

  • Buttercastle

    All of that just for a 30 minute “concert”? I mean if she’s going to fly out to wherever you are at least she could spend a day or two with you. Yeah it makes about as much sense as someone paying $2,500 plus flights plus hotel rooms just for a 30 minute Justin Beiber concert. Why doesn’t she just save up a years worth of paychecks from TNA? Well seeing as how she’s asking for money in the first place it’s safe to assume she isn’t making a whole lot to begin with.

    Or she could do Playboy. Easy route!

  • venom

    I think that is rude to ask for two plane tickets, and two hotel rooms after somebody donated so much money. I doubt anybody is going to donate that much, unless it’s a group of guys that want to something extra after the 30 minute concert. Hmm….this gives me an idea.

  • Elizabeth

    What dumbasses gave her $1610.00 already ? Stupid people.

  • King

    damn 5,000-10,000 does that come with a night of actual HardCore Country??? shit for that kinda money there better be a blow job & hot sex included ect ect…. with that said…that just shows u that TNA pays shit money & is on its way down to the bottom of the ocean

  • Jon

    LOL. First it Jesse Neal foodstamp and now this. Hogan your really a class act.

    I wonder who bramism Mickie going to

  • shawn

    10,000 dollars and your in her video. now like CC mentioned thats illogical because the asking price is 5 grand. when thinking about it was believing she was looking for somebody whos “sweet” enough to be in her video. that should call for a little romance or maybe more if ey ‘s out of their relationship. wishful thinking. financial wishes even more like always.

  • Sparky Plug

    Haha this is really funny. I’ve never heard her actual music altho Im going to make and educating guess and assume its horrible. Altho it probably cant be worse then her great Hardcore Country theme song lol.

  • JIR

    WOW I would give her money for an album but instead of flying her out and getting two hotel room I would get one and have my girl meet me there

  • CC

    Oh, and if she is trying to raise $5,000, why would anyone pay her $10,000? Doesnt sound like she can do math.

  • CC

    @Shawn. Vince would not have funded her album. One of the main reasons she quit WWE is because she wanted them to get behind her music career like they did with Cena, and they told her they were not interested (she then whined about it after leaving, as if it was something she was entitled to).
    That said, she probably would have been able to afford to finance it herself if she was with WWE or could have asked her friends in the company to help her out.

    This one made me laugh “Those who pledge $2,500 receive a 30-minute acoustic concert at their home. However, they will also have to provide James with two plane tickets, a rental car and two hotel rooms.”
    So because you gave her $2,500, you are then expected to pay out another load of cash to fly her and someone else to your home, pay for her rental car and set her up with not one, but two hotel rooms.
    For that kinda money I’d want her to play the set stark naked, and give me a blow job as an encore.

  • Shawn

    I bet she’s sad she no longer works for WWE. Vince would have funded her horrible album. In TNA? She makes the same amount a year as she did working 1 WWE PPV match (lasting a little over a minute). lol

  • Pissed Off Fan =(

    I cant see anybody giving the last two of $10,000 nor the $2,500. At the most $100 but thats only the creepy old guys who want to like stack her LOL id give in like $25 though?

  • deva

    I will give her $150 for a whole night of mickie

  • ##

    She’s got to be kidding me!! I’ ll give her $100 for a BJ.