Miesha Tate Drops Jake Paul Bombshell

Let’s face it the world is reality TV at this point. UFC fighting is in no way safe from this. While at the beginning UFC was it looked at as the totally real in your face TV experience, it has now bent with social media and those who are well known in that realm. Enter Jake Paul and Miesha Tate. Surprisingly, we could very well see the two fighters team up down the road. Khabib Confronts Angry UFC Fan.



Speaking to Renee Paquette on the Throwing Down podcast, Tate said that Paul could be the first boxing promoter with a fighter-first approach.

When asked if she’d consider signing up with the YouTube megastar’s promotion company, MVP (Most Valuable Promotions), she stated:
“I believe I would. I mean, I would be the first, yeah, I mean, I would be the first one to do it. Obviously, I’m still over here; gotta do my thing in the UFC. But if it goes where I have the faith it could go and do the things that I believe he could do, I think it might be the first time in boxing history that we have a fighter-first promoter. I don’t think we’ve ever seen that. I don’t think we’ve ever seen that, at least in boxing.”

She closed: “I truthfully think that Scott Coker is a fighters-first kind of man. I think that Dana White, he’s still like a fighters-first kind of promoter in a lot of ways. He’s just got a huge business to run. But I believe that Jake Paul is all about the fighters. And, I mean, signing Amanda (Serrano) says it all; it says everything.”

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