Miesha Tate Spotted With Nick Diaz In Photo

The former UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion Miesha Tate was recently spotted with UFC star Nick Diaz.



Meanwhile, Logan Paul recently stated at a press conference that he wants a PPV where he and his brother Jake Paul fight Nate Diaz and Nick Diaz in two fights on the same PPV. He said his team is already talking with Nate’s team. Nick Diaz is still under contract to UFC, so he’d have to be leaving for this to happen.

Nick Diaz fought while dealing with injuries

UFC star Nick Diaz allegedly did not have a “proper camp” for his UFC 266 rematch with Robbie Lawler. According to Jake Shields, the former Strikeforce champion was “pushed into the fight” and that “he hadn’t been training at all.” Now, Diaz’s long-time coach Cesar Gracie went on record with Submission Radio recently to somehow verify Shields’ statements.

Nick was apparently dealing with serious injuries which led to him missing the supposed 170-pound mark and the fight being bumped up to 185 pounds instead.

“So Nick, he went into that fight and his neck was pretty messed up,” Gracie revealed. “Robbie’s a great, tough fighter and everything. And, Nick was doing great. And then you kind of see Nick kind of just kind of fading as the fight wore on. So, Nick had an operation very recently here seven weeks ago. So, two of the discs had ruptured in his neck before the fight. So, he was having numbness of the hands.

“That’s why he didn’t make 170.He fought at 185, is cause it was impossible to train. He just didn’t have any strength. He didn’t have what you’re used to, the Nick Diaz, you know, he didn’t have it.”

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