Mike Tyson Daughter Hotel Video Revealed

Mike Tyson is an exceptional performer who has entertained fans through his performance between the ropes. The boxing legend hasn’t been doing well over the weeks, but things seem to be better for the 50-6-0 record holder.



Mike is facing a ‘sciatica flare-up.’ He was recently spotted with a towel on his face and in a wheelchair with a walking stick. The visuals raised concerns about his health, and fans pondered on his condition at this juncture.

The new visuals show him walking without a wheelchair, a walking stick, or a towel. He left an NYC Hotel with his daughter Milan and his wife, Lakiha Spicer. The Baddest Man on the Planet signed autographs for fans before leaving the hotel.

Mike suffered an injury while he was on his hoverboard inside his house and filming it. He did some rounds in circles and approached the camera, but before he could reach for it, Tyson fell to the ground. He lost his balance and suffered an injury to the head and back.

Tyson’s health has been deteriorating, and he talked about it on his podcast. He said that when he looks in the mirror and sees the black spots on his face, he knows that his expiration time is coming. Mike has faced every challenge with his head high, and it looks like this sciatica would not get him down.

Health is a factor that impacts anyone and everyone. It’s great to see The ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson walk his way to health, and it would be awesome to see him fully recover from his ongoing or underlying health condition.

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