Mike Tyson Drops Trump Bombshell Before Arrest

Over the years we have heard references to various celebrities, whom according to public opinion, “should be in the White House”. Being President of a country is no easy task. Despite former and late actor Ronald Regan having been successful in the jump, doesn’t mean that just anyone can be President. Today, people have said that Mike Tyson should be in the White House.

As per News Punch, Tyson said that while he does not usually like to speak publicly about politics, he has known Donald Trump for decades and knows a different side of him than his public persona.



“I don’t know, I like to keep my opinions to myself because people get upset but I like him personally,” Tyson said. “I’ve known Trump for over 30 years. I don’t have the same perspective as everyone else. I have a human perspective.”

Tyson has said in recent times that he is a conservative and has become more conservative as he has gotten older. Tyson told NewsMax’s Greta Van Susteren that being conservative is “common sense.” Tyson also mentioned to Breitbart News here that he recently appeared on InfoWars founder Alex Jones’s show.

When asked by Breitbart News what needs to be done to get America back on track, Tyson said, “We need to love each other.”

Sounds like Tyson could be making a beeline for the Presidency. We’ll keep you posted. 


Robert Hadley
Robert Hadley
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