Mike Tyson Eats Drugs By Pool In Video

Mike Tyson may go down as one of the best actors ever in his newest Instagram commercial for his Delta 8 gummies. Now, Delta 8 may be a newer term to some readers, so let’s get into what Mike Tyson is doing and consuming in this commercial.



In the footage shown, Tyson is seen sitting by a pool as he bites into a Delta 8 gummy. This Delta 8 is a form of THC and induces very similar effects to the prohibited, Delta 9 variety of THC.

As Tyson takes a bite out of the gummy, we see the packaging looks very similar to the infamous bite that Tyson took many years ago. While this may be a fun-loving commercial, it seems that Tyson has landed in hot water.

A much-publicized appearance by former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson at a weekend benefit for a Christian-themed boxing gym in Annville, PA (USA) is off.

In fact, it was never on.

Representatives of Tyson, including his publicist and lawyer, contacted the 5 Stones Fight Club to inform them that Tyson’s appearance at events in Annville and Palmyra planned for this weekend was never on his schedule.

Tyson’s lawyer and publicist also contacted a PennLive reporter to alert the publication that Tyson had never agreed to attend the gym’s benefit.

The publicist, Joann Mignano, with J. Migs PR, emailed PennLive the following statement:

“Mr. Mike Tyson is not attending ‘Fall Brawl’ in Palmyra, Pa., and has never discussed such attendance with anyone responsible for this event; all representations about my attendance are false. The first time he and his team were aware of this event was when press started to circulate. Mr. Tyson takes charity very seriously and to misuse his name and likeness to willingly promote an event falsely misrepresenting his attendance to raise funds is irresponsible and unfair to patrons that have paid money expecting him to be there.”

It was closed with: “His legal team is looking into this matter.”

It was then said that it turned out the people the gym was working with to land Tyson do not actually represent him. They were scammed.

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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