Mike Tyson Has Memory Loss In Painful Video

Mike Tyson is most definitely one of the most legendary professional boxers in the history of the sport. Triller’s latest event featured Evander Holyfield squaring off against Vitor Belfort and getting knocked out in over a minute within the first round. Due to the match’s reception, new regulations will be imposed and that includes banning exhibition matches. Due to this, Mike Tyson and Holyfield may be banned from Triller. Mike Tyson also previously revealed a racist remark by Jake Paul. 



Mike Tyson recently was involved in an incident, where he punched a passenger named Melvin Townsend, who was bloodied after Tyson hit him in the head many times. This was due to Mike Tyson harassing him and agitating him for a .long time.

He returned to action against Roy Jones Jr. in November 2020, ending a hiatus of over 15 years away from the sport. He has talked about dying on several occasions.

Boxing legend Mike Tyson joining the cast of Liger made a huge noise in India’s pop culture scene. However, it seems, that back in Las Vegas, Tyson had no clue about his role in the movie, starring Vijay Deverakonda.

During the conversation, Tyson is asked about his part in latest Bollywood movie Liger. “I heard you are getting into comedy movies again?” asks the friend. “I don’t know,” a dazed looking Tyson answers. “Tell me about it, read it back to me.”

And they all Google the movie Liger to know about what movie Tyson was going to do in India. “What is a liger?” someone asks as Tyson explains the biological origin of the animal, which is a cross between a liger and a tiger

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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