Mike Tyson Sad Affair Revealed After Arrest

The pro boxing legend Mike Tyson has had numerous controversies during his career. He has been married three times and has had many girlfriends throughout his life. He recently spoke about his girlfriend in prison.



Mike Tyson opens up on his girlfriend in prison

‘The Baddest Man On The Planet’ recently revealed one story about the time he had a girlfriend during his time in prison.
 In an episode of Tyson’s podcast Hotboxin’ with Bill Maher the former heavyweight champion, revealed that he was in a relationship with his GED teacher.
I had a girlfriend in jail too, my teacher“. Tyson told Maher who was shocked by this and asked Tyson. “You had a girlfriend in jail?” to which Tyson responded saying.” Yeah my GED teacher.
Maher was once again surprised by this and then asked Tyson how he could get a woman inside a jail. “What do you mean, in jail? How could there be a woman in jail?” Maher asked.
‘Iron Mike’ then responded by stating that people used to take classes to get time cut off from their sentences:
Because people its prison and people go to school there trying to get GED to get time cut.” Tyson added. Maher then goes on to clarify that Tyson was indeed sleeping with his GED teacher. “So you would have s*x with the teacher in the prison. It’s okay, it’s been years.” He said. Tyson then revealed that this relationship was public knowledge. “No, everyone knows this, it’s public knowledge.” said Tyson.
The co-host Sebastian Joseph-Day hilariously stated that Maher was living through Tyson, to which Maher responded by saying:
Yeah, that’s what I want. I really want to do is have s*x with a woman. That’s right, my biggest fantasy is to have prison s*x with a GED teacher.” and also Asked Tyson whether she was “hot”, “did you think she was hot?” asked Maher to which the former champ replied saying. “No, she was not hot at all”.


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