MVP Wrestling in Japan, WWE Stills Owns the Rights to His Rap Song, More

– Former WWE star MVP noted on Twitter that he’s taking his services to Japan. He wrote:



“I’ve always been a fan of Japanese puroresu ! So this is yet another dream being fulfilled. I asked 4 my release so that I could go 2 Japan.

Sometimes a relationship gets old. You fall out of love. Then 1day you see 1 another again, both look good & a spark rekindles a flame.

Never say never . Because you simply NEVER know. New chapter. New faces. New places. I’ll confirm what company when we finalize everything.”

MVP also noted that he’s still trying to get WWE to release his song “Holla 2 The World” on iTunes. This is the rap song that he released a verse from a few months back. MVP noted that WWE owns the rights to the song and that he’s taking his time with his music project.

You can listen below:

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