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Nash Comments on HBK in the WWE HOF, Nash & Friends Attending?

– Kevin Nash wrote the following on his Twitter yesterday about Shawn Michaels: “Congratulations to @ShawnMichaels_ the greatest. Is the HOF even enough? Come on Vince. Bronze statue in the lobby?”

– For what it’s worth, Sean Waltman, Nash and Scott Hall are all three saying they will be at the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony in Atlanta to see Shawn get inducted.

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  • Rucdogg

    If the kliq is in the house, the booze are sure to follow, believe I will be getting my tickets to the HOF

  • misfit

    Nope, wrong toadie, justin was part of the click, hhh, said so, before he went to ecw,

  • Toadie

    & Albert… (pretty lame group too)…

  • Toadie

    Seriously… Justin was in X-Factor with XPac… THATS it… =/

  • Jon-Jon

    Aldo Montoya!!!

  • bigdizzle92

    its “Kliq” or even “Clique” and justin credible was never apart of it. it was only shawn, hunter, scott, sean, and nash

  • misfit

    Yeah but you are all forgetting one memeber of the “click”, he wasn’t just the best, he wasn’t just the coolest, he my friend was justin credible, only if he’s there is it truly a reunion

  • Gary

    I laughed when I seen him Tweet this, HBK deserves HOF honor but vince i ssaving the statue for himself, Come on now think bout lol

  • RaTeD R

    wanna see Wade Barret Knock Nash out

  • rick

    What are the odds Hall leaves the ceremony in a paddy wagon.

  • umpire4life

    A “CLICK” reunion on stage. Vince, please let this happen.

  • rick

    If HBK gets a bronze statue, then Nash definately deserves to have a toilet named after him.

  • al

    kliq reunion!!! drunken party!!!!