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New Firefly Fun House shows a malevolent Abby

Bray Wyatt Sociopath Firefly Fun House

Last week, the debut of the Firefly Fun House was one of the most talked about segments on Monday Night Raw. Whether fans loved or hated it, it seemed everyone needed to see more. Tonight, another episode debuted, giving us a bit of insight on one of the puppets introduced last week, Abby the Witch.

The segment started off with Bray Wyatt painting before he was interrupted by a new puppet, Rambling Rabbit. Wyatt then turned around his masterpiece to reveal a flaming cabin, the one that was destroyed by Randy Orton back in 2017.

As he hung the painting up, he was scared by a screaming Abby the Witch, causing him to send Rabbit away, fearing what would happen if she caught him.

After a brief back and forth, Wyatt apologized for ruining Abby’s “beauty sleep.” He then walked over to a returning Rabbit, revealing to him that Abby was known as a Sociopath, which turned out to be the word of the day.

From Bray Wyatt’s reaction, it’s clear that he’s scared, not just for himself, but for everyone else in the house. Abby the Witch is dangerous, and one has to wonder if we’ll see her manifest in a more lively vessel when the former Eater of Worlds eventually shows up on Raw. And if she does, what will that mean for Wyatt?

  • Last week I got a rather creepy feeling from the skit but I didn’t get that feeling this week so now I’m not so sure about this new gimmick.